Steve Plater - Salty Dog Blues Live@The Cave

Friday Jan 5, 2018

We're super excited that we have set aside a date to host Steve Plater, Salty Dog blues Live@The Cave.

Salty Dog will be our final session for The Cave at its home for 2017 in Joseph St, Canadian. Following this event The Cave's rehearsal and production facilities will be placed into storage while we focus on securing a new home or revised model for the project.

Parking will be in the front carpark and on Joseph and Ellsworth streets. Gates will open to ticket holders at 8pm. We will keep the enclosed yard clear for a little socialising prior to doors opening at 9pm to seat the studio audience.


Session Times:

Friday, Jan 5. Doors @ 9pm - seats available

As guests are required to cross the stage upon entry, there will be NO late admission; no exceptions. Doors will open at 9pm and will be LOCKED to prevent entry by 9:30pm.

Just $20 cash enables you to join the live studio audience. Visit The Cave to pay in person

To secure your seats online use the PayPal form below.

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